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Civilian Constitutional Militia -- Speaking at the US Senate

The Constitutional Militia has been around as long as this country has existed. What is its purpose? To defend the Constitution of the United States - the same as every law enforcement officer, and the same as every government official takes a solemn oath to do. Who is the Constitutional Militia? Every able-bodied man over the age of 18 years. That means YOU -- all of you! Glad to have you on board.

"That every man should be armed" was the goal of the Founding Fathers. It has always been the bane of tyrants. During the Cold War, the Soviets could never come up with a workable plan to overcome the Constitutional Militia (remember the movie "Red Dawn"?) The Japanese never dared invade the US during WW-II, because they knew "Every blade of grass will have an American with a rifle behind it." The Constitutional Militia has been quietly changing history for the better - usually without a single shot ever being fired!

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